Monday, December 29, 2008

Academy of Pharmacy Management & Guidance

Academy of Pharmacy Management & Guidance is a registered social entity committed to philanthropic activities through training up and educate the Pharmacy Workers with the basic knowledge designed to provide better services to the ailing community especially to the under privileged section of the society against a backdrop of intense scarcity of the registered pharmacists.
Our organisation is passionately committed in bringing quality Pharmacy Workers to the pharmaceutical trade. As the Pharmacy Workers are directly related to the Pharmaceutical trade, it is most important factor is our attention and approach, care and concern for the traders. We should listen to traders, we should talk to the traders and we should observe the traders to make them comfortable.
Every social organisation needs a clear commitment to excel in for the society and this commitment will hold up over the years only by staying true and be honest to an original vision even in the worst of times.

Pharmacy has a very important role in health care system. It is a profession that concerned with the preparation, preservation, distribution and use of drugs and medicines along with proper counseling and consultation. Pharmacy workers shall have a profound and comprehensive knowledge about the subject to maintain and disseminate.
The increasing complexity of the drug therapy with its potential adverse side effects along with the danger of drug abuse has brought into focus the important role of both the pharmacists and pharmacy workers in the health care system.
In India, pharmacy education as an academic discipline of recent origin, although training was imparted primarily for preparing manpower for the tasks of compounding and dispensing according to prescriptions written by medical practitioners. But with the introduction and increasing availability of ready-to-use medicines pre-packaged in required dosages, the need of compounding and dispensing has become redundant. Yet the basic knowledge, concepts, notion even hypothesis is still similarly important and essential to run a pharmacy at different state in the country.

Academy of Pharmacy Management & Guidance, popularly known as A.P.M.G. was established in the year 2006 as an autonomous body registered under the West Bengal Societies Act. Initially it has its operation only in West Bengal as a role model for the entire chemist fraternity of India.
The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and Trade cannot perhaps remain indifferent to the changing scenario. The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, from an initial turnover of Rs. 5 crore in early forties, has made a substantial headway with a robust growth of about Rs. 10,000 crore in recent years.

In keeping with the changing scenario, the Standing Committee of the Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizer has emphasized time and again for making available of life saving drugs and medicines in the remotest corners of the country by imparting short-term training to the non-pharmacists working in the shop floors of the drug stores.
Health Care is a word, very familiar to us all. According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical and social well being, determined by the community needs. To make the definition of Health Care more practical, the Academy of Pharmacy Management & Guidance is set to introduce six months’ practical oriented Certificate Course for provisional management of drug stores, as introduced, keeping in view the valued experience and guidance of the experts and in tune with the Medical Assistance Education Program in India and elsewhere. This Certificate Course is primarily oriented to build up a strong array to assist community pharmacists through overall management of drug stores to take up the challenges of providing better health care with better outcome, so very necessary for dispensing drugs and medicines to the community at large.

 Regd. Office: 56/1, Biplabi Rash Behari Basu Road, Room C-26, First Floor
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